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Checkout Policies and Procedures Fall 2020

I agree that the equipment will be safe, secure, and returned in the same condition I received it in and that I accept full financial responsibility for any replacement or repair costs.

Penalties or fines may be charged daily for late items. If the loaner equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or the checkout term is being abused, I understand that I will be restricted from accessing loaner equipment for a minimum of 1 semester. Further occurrences could result in a 1 year or indefinite restriction from equipment loaner services, or even the suspension of graduation until reparations are made.

Safety and Security: Students/Staff/Faculty must keep their personal belongings with them at all times. The University accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft, alteration or damage to any personal items brought onto the premise.

The University is not responsible for any incurred injuries resulting from the use of equipment or accessories including anything incurred in all facilities, rooms, or with related equipment.

I confirm that the contact information I've submitted is correct and current. I authorize Checkout staff to contact me regarding issues concerning equipment checked out to my account.

If the loaner equipment is stolen, a UPD report must be filed by the student and a copy provided to the Checkout Service Manager.

Behavior: The Checkout staff reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason sand will require customers who are disruptive, antisocial or violent to leave the checkout area
immediately. What constitutes disruptive, antisocial or violent behavior shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Checkout Staff and includes both physical and verbal abuse.

COVID: I agree to comply with all COVID protocols and procedures and guarantee to report ANY symptoms to checkout staff before physically entering the building. It is the students responsibility to be aware of the COVID protocols connected with the department and University.

I understand that the penalty for being late 3 or more days in a row or on 3 separate occasions will result in a semester suspension.

I have read, understood, and agree with all the terms and conditions reflected in the Checkout Equipment Policy.